Our clients feel the benefits that our dynamic workshops bring to their teams & organizations. Each of our services include workshops to achieve project goals, for example to align teams, uncover valuable information and to embed specific skills. Below, we’ll share a few of the options for growth and learning that we can offer as individual workshops. Do you need to combine or adjust any of the below?

Contact us with your training idea, let’s see how we can work together. We love to be challenged and to co-create business-oriented workshops!

Empower your

Unleashing Leaders workshop

Seuss Consulting’s Unleashing Leaders is a workshop program for individuals who are ready to make the transition from Management to Leadership by unlocking their potential.

Delivered as a one-day workshop with a focus on personal growth, we provide you the tools and training to enable and encourage employees to step out, be confident, and lead. Especially, in the life-sciences there’s value in emboldening leaders who will bring a perspective that values not only competition, but also collaboration within the organization, as well as trust, respect, and steady decision-making skills.


The content depends on what you need. We develop topics that fit your company’s situation. The workshop is focused on helping people embrace and develop their leadership skills. We’ll discuss:

  • Building your own brand in order to move up the ladder
  • Assessing the value of your personal network
  • Interview preparation strategies
  • How to pave your way to leadership roles

Manage your
vendor relationships

Marriage counselling workshop

We offer a one-day workshop with a focus on repairing and improving your sponsor-supplier partnership.

Why do we call it Marriage Counselling? That is because we see the sponsor-supplier relationship as a marriage. The relationship between the supplier and sponsor is essential for successful clinical studies. Understanding what the other side thinks and feels is the key to finding common ground, and thus, steering around the biggest hurdles on the clinical trial road. In other words, a partnership on the rocks needs therapy.

Through this workshop, we nurture the delicate and crucial relationship by helping you:

  • Lead cross-functional teams to troubleshoot challenges and produce game-changing results through effective communication with a fully coordinated plan
  • Map your clinical trial process: plan workload allocation, understand roles and responsibilities, and team dynamics
  • Design your governance structure model and align teams
  • Create performance metrics to achieve desired outcomes and manage performance along the journey

Improve your
sales efforts

Sales training workshop

In our Sales Training workshop, you will learn the core concepts of business development to better understand how the interactions of clients, markets, and relationships can create opportunities for sales growth.

Sales Training involves the personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organization. Through this interactive and lively workshop, we will train the Business Development team on developing key sales skills and how to implement business development strategies. The added value is that we bring an objective view and do “mock client” sessions, where the team can develop and strengthen the all-important Sales Pitch.


As with all our workshops, we develop the training to include topics that fit your company’s situation. The workshop can include the following topics:

  • Business Development Training and Tools, including sales training for “non-salespeople” and scientists
  • Define your brand message and how to utilize it in your online activities (social media, email, etc.)
  • Discuss how to turn a cold call into a deal, by creating and perfecting your elevator pitch
  • Revamp your current networking activities with proper planning to capitalize on opportunities

Learn to
stand out

Marketing Position

With our Market Positioning workshop, your team will learn how to stand out in an industry full of competitors.

Positioning is an important marketing concept that aims to give a product or service distinctiveness from competitors. Positioning is about your brand, your reputation and your design. A good position gives a product or service a USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Point). In an industry with a lot of brands offering similar benefits, a good positioning makes a brand stand out from the rest, giving it the ability to charge a higher price and stave off competition.


This workshop is customizable to suit your company’s needs and can include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Map your partners and competitors, as well as your current, and target, clients
  • Create solutions to engage target audience through various channels
  • Ensure that your proposals and bid defence team act as brand/project ambassadors
  • Review your marketing materials to energise your branding
  • Assess your client portfolio, competitive landscape, and company value propositions, along with looking at the business potential of your current products and technology.

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