It’s no secret that the “secret ingredient” to Seuss’ success is the entrepreneurship and diversity of our mostly expat staff. Seuss Consulting co-founders, co-managers and business partners Kieran and Sabine are two of those expats. Originally from the US, both now live in the EU. And they love it. Naturally they want more Americans (especially American bioscience businesses) to come and experience the awesome things that Europe has to offer. That’s a big part of why they, in their role as life-sciences business consultants, launched the “Bridge to Europe” program: to help American life-sciences companies claim a foothold, optimize service delivery and be more successful in the EU and to help CROs achieve their global growth goals.

However, as much as we at Seuss Consulting want many pharma, biotech and CRO companies to set up office and operations in exciting new locations and areas, we first and foremost want these companies to succeed. Thus, expanding to the EU might not be in every organization’s particular best interests at that moment. Before investing in such a big leap, you first need to ask yourself, or find someone like Kieran or Sabine to ask you, a few tough questions.

The Tough Questions

Seuss Consulting is always standing by to help our clients build their bridge to the EU. But before we get everything organized for your company, we first need to mull over a few very serious questions. First and foremost: Why do you want to come to Europe? Do you really need to expand to Europe (now)?

We must know your company’s goals. We need to really dig in to find your true motivation to expand abroad. Of course, in a way it’s in our “best interests” to convince you to expand, so that you will hire our services to help you set up your new office. But we can’t do that without knowing it’s in your and your company’s best interests to make that move.

The first consideration you need to take into account is that the CRO market is unique in the EU. And busy. What do you offer that’s different from what’s already here? Can your company thrive in a different way? Does it truly make sense for you to come here? Now? Of course, the timing is never perfect for a major move of any type, but some times are more optimal than others. When you know what it is exactly that you want to achieve, you can time your move better.

Then it’s time to look at your team and other assets: do you have the resources and talent to meet the goals you’ve set? Is your team ready? Do you need to bring a whole new team over, a part of it (operations? sales? both?), set up a new team here or find another solution? Is your company’s culture ready to embrace the change?

After the Decision

Once you’ve taken a long, hard look at your goals versus your current capabilities, once you’ve decided yes you’re going for this…then the fun begins.

Believe it or not, with a little help, setting up an office overseas can be surprisingly easy! Doubts and fears are to be expected, and there will certainly be challenges, but don’t let fear decide. Let logic prevail. Do think carefully about your goals and how you want to achieve them – we can help you define this and plan for resourcing. Then, once you feel you are more or less ready, we can help you make your goal a reality.

Because, yes, we definitely do want you here, and we want your pharma, biotech, medical device or CRO company to expand successfully in the EU! BUT first we want to help you make sure that this is absolutely the right decision for you right now. If so, expanding into Europe can be a powerful growth strategy – so let’s figure out together whether it’s the right one for your company!

Is your life-science company even just thinking about global expansion? Give us a call at + 31 (0) 20-2900016 and let’s explore if this is really the right move to grow your business and increase your global products or service delivery. 

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