CEO and Co-Founder of Seuss Consulting, Sabine Hutchison, was joined by Senior Business Consultant Eleni Menegatou at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Nordics in Copenhagen last week. We caught up with them to see how it went.

The environment at the OCT Nordics was highly innovative and start-up oriented, according to Sabine. Seeing how much the Danish government is supportive of innovation in the life sciences industry was encouraging to us here at Seuss.

As the conference was a smaller size, it allowed for more interaction between participants. Both Sabine and Eleni enjoyed this aspect a lot. In turn, this gave them the chance to have more in-depth conversations with other attendees.


The Market in Denmark

According to Eleni, Denmark has a very specific pool of experts due to its small size. Therefore, employment mobility from company to company is high. Because of this, many people in the life sciences industry in Denmark know each other.

This is another element that made the conference feel reminiscent of a friendly reunion.

Here’s what Sabine had to say:



Key Take-Aways

Both Sabine and Eleni said that they recognized ways in which Seuss Consulting can help the life sciences industry in Denmark grow. The Vendor Selection and Vendor Management services that we offer have the potential to add significant value to Danish life-science companies seeking to save time and resources.

As Seuss Consulting is not well known in the Danish market, the conference was a great way to network and get to know thought leaders and other people in the industry. Sabine and Eleni look forward to collaborating with Danish life-science companies in the future.

If you need a partner for business optimization in the life sciences industry, Seuss Consulting is here for you. Visit the services page on our website to find out the different ways in which Seuss can help your life-science company grow.

To find out more about the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Nordics conference, have a look at the website. 

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