Here at Seuss Consulting, we are delighted to welcome Alexander to the team as our newest sales intern. Alexander will be joining us for the next 3.5 months over the summer period. Bursting with energy, Alexander is eager to tackle a multitude of projects across the brand.

We caught up with Alexander earlier this week and asked him to share a little bit of his story and what he hopes to achieve over the summer with Seuss.


Alexander’s story

“I am studying International Business Management in Germany and I came to the Netherlands as an exchange student at the beginning of the year. After having completed my semester abroad in Rotterdam, I didn’t feel like it was time to go back to Germany yet, so instead I decided to join the Seuss team to gain some market inside and grow professionally.

I am confident that my internship with Suess will be a summer work adventure and a great chance to experience an international team where I can work hard but also have moments of fun.

I have always wanted to do an internship in an international startup as I find you get more high-level responsibility along with a multitude of tasks and the chance to own projects and experience working independently or as part of a team.

I  want to develop myself both professionally and personally, and I believe Seuss is the best place for me to do that.  In return, I will bring my enthusiasm and do my best to contribute experience from a previous internship and academic knowledge to Seuss.

In my free time, I like to play football and beach volleyball. During summer I also enjoy surfing and travelling with friends. I like to get to know new countries and cultures, explore something new and broaden my views.

Once a week I meet up with friends and do something exciting together like play paintball, look for adventures in escape rooms and go to the beach. One of my biggest dreams is to go to China and I plan on fulfilling that dream very soon.”


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Alexander and we hope he is going to have an enjoyable and exciting summer internship with us.

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