Although we don’t wear capes – usually, at least – everyone at Seuss Consulting is a Superhero. So let me introduce myself:

Jessica Kundapur. Account Manager, Business Consultant and Superhero.

What’s my superhero skill? I am also an entrepreneur. You would think that by revealing this “secret”, my current job as an account manager might be jeopardized. Yet, that is not the case at all and herein lies the story…

Like most superheroes, entrepreneurs live a double-life. Think about it: before most people officially launch their full-time businesses or even while they are fostering part-time businesses, they hold down a “day-job”. They work for companies by day and develop their businesses by night. How many live secret lives, never telling anyone at work about their dreams, ambitions or even what they do when they aren’t at “work”?

You see, revealing their superpower (entrepreneurship) they worry that they won’t seem as committed, or maybe fear that their dreams will be mocked. Yet, at Seuss Consulting, this is not the case. Every single superhero employee at Seuss Consulting is openly and proudly an entrepreneur!

Seuss Consulting is full of superhero entrepreneurs. The employees at Seuss don’t hide their ambitions or their side-projects. Why? The managing directors (both superhero entrepreneurs themselves) support the entrepreneurial dreams and plans of their employees. Not only do our directors encourage their employees, but they even make it possible to work both at Seuss Consulting and pursue their ideas and business goals.

What makes Seuss Consulting an engaged and creative place to work is that our managing directors have created a work environment that promotes the entrepreneurial lifestyle of their staff. How cool is that? How rare is that?

The leaders of Seuss Consulting go beyond just being proud that all of the staff members are also conducting interesting businesses. They even go beyond making the work-style amenable to developing these businesses.

The managing directors take it upon themselves to provide solid business advice and strategies in order to make the entrepreneurial ventures of their employees profitable and sustainable. Our leaders lead by example and all of the Seuss employees are inspired by the entrepreneurial attitude of the company and by the business experience and knowledge of the leadership here.

My Seusstrepreneur Success story says it all:

When I first started working for Seuss Consulting, I kept my second life as an aspiring author a secret. But I quickly learned that many of my co-workers were both successful at their jobs and were fostering their own businesses. So I decided to spill the beans and reveal that I was close to publishing my first book.

My news was met with enthusiasm, interest and a barrage of business advice! I am happy to announce that my first book, Fabulupus: How to be young, successful and fabulous (with lupus) was published in December, 2014. This is the first and only book written specifically for young people with lupus (a serious autoimmune illness with no cure). Check out

Not only is the book helping lupus youth all around the world – I now receive inspiring stories by email almost every day – but the book is selling successfully and reaching more and more young adults who cope with a tough disease. This was made possible in part due to the support and persistence of the managing directors of Seuss Consulting.

Seuss Consulting is a company full of entrepreneurial spirit, drive and knowledge. This is a company that doesn’t just talk the entrepreneurial talk, but walks the entrepreneurial walk. Seuss Consulting wants people to succeed – whether it’s the firms they advise, the candidates they place, or the employees they hire.

There is no greater evidence of this passion and commitment than the fact that Seuss Consulting makes each and every Seuss employee a successful “Seusstrepreneur”.

Jessica Kundapur came to the Seuss Consulting team from the biotech, pharmaceutical and CRO “hot spot” of the San Francisco Bay Area. She supports the business, sales and marketing strategies for Seuss and it’s clients. Call Jessica at  + 31 (0) 20-2900016 or email her at for a fun and friendly (she’s Canadian!) discussion about how Seuss Consulting can support the goals of your entrepreneurial life-sciences organization.

Watch how your company can benefit from having entrepreneur-employees:

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