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“At the time that we, at Pathlicon, needed to carefully revise our business development strategy, we chose Seuss Consulting to guide us through this journey. Their approach was very straightforward and structured. They understood very well our situation and needs. They met the strict timelines and delivered a very comprehensive report with some go / no go decisions included. They are all very open and nice ladies. I loved working with them.”

Liesbeth CEELEN

Platform Leaders, Pathlicon (Anacura)

“We met Seuss at a conference and from that initial meeting the relationship has grown to include both recruitment and training at KWS. In the space they operate in, Seuss are knowledgeable and connected. Their style is inclusive, interactive and positive. I have no doubt we will work with Seuss in the future as our business grows. I highly recommend them.”

Dr. Robin Brown

KWS BioTest

“CAN DO and never fails, would best describe Sabine and her abilities. The best team builder and an effective general manager and the most effective Business Development professional I have seen in years.”

Sean Leech

Executive Vice President, PRA International

“Sabine and I worked together at MDS Pharma Services during a period of integration following extensive acquisitions. We needed to reach out to clients effectively across multiple business lines often with potential for confusion and frustration. Sabine was very effective during this process because she is a very good communicator and was able to build the internal network and trust. As a result of Sabine’s efforts, we did indeed grow our business.”

Michael Butler

CEO, Xceleron Inc.

“I have met and worked with Kieran at several occasions, during my work at UCB in the outsourcing and contracts department. 
In case we had to find quick solutions for in-sourcing at European level, you could always contact her and she was able to provide a solution. It was pleasure to work with her, beside her professionalism; she has a good sense of humor, which is an asset in case of difficult negotiations or situations. She is outcome driven and customer oriented and strives for the win-win. Kieran is a good communicator and I know she likes to train, mentor people as well, to give presentations during congresses and symposia. I have enjoyed to work with her. She is somebody who is able to deliver what she promises.”

Paul Bouten

Vendor Manager, Boston Scientific

“During the time I worked with Kieran she has always delivered outstanding work through intellect, hard work and great enthusiasm. Kieran is bright, determined and has always actively taken or requested growing responsibilities. Besides that, Kieran is great fun to work with and very loyal. 

As European Director CRAcademy Kieran dealt with executives throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe. As a further sign of her business acumen Kieran has managed to build exclusive partnerships with the leading associations for Clinical Research both in Europe and the US. 

Kieran is an asset for anyone’s business.”

Pim van de Riet

CEO, Breezeholme

“Seuss Consulting provided excellent and professional support during our vendor selection process. The combination of deep industry experience, operational knowledge combined with an excellent network to draw upon allowed us to make the final vendor selection decision on a very strong and thoughtful decision foundation.”

Christian Meyer, MD PhD

Chief Medical Officer, uniQure

“If you’re looking for an excellent business development professional, you can’t get better than Sabine!! Sabine and I worked together to implement a large sourcing initiative for J&J and the results were very successful. Sabine’s leadership contributed directly to this success.”

Rick O'hara

Sr. Sourcing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Pharma

“My experience of working with Kieran has always been extremely positive. She really understands the business and is proactive and customer focused. Kieran is credible and clearly takes a lot of pride in her work and is also not afraid to speak her mind in a very constructive manner! Her energy is infectious and she is determined to make partnerships work by investing the effort upfront. She is also a great communicator and a real pleasure to work with.”

Nick Hodges

Executive Director, Pfizer

“My relationship with Kieran started off as a provider-client relationship but fastly grew into a business partner relationship. Kieran is a great person to exchange ideas and brainstorm with. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she is also very open in the discussion which leads to unexpected, but very valuable, outcomes which we have presented together at conferences to combine both provider and client perspective. Kieran is loyal and shows this by giving all her energy (and that is a lot) to get the best out of her job. Kieran is eager to learn more and more about the business and with her positive appearance meetings with her are always nice.”

Hellen Boering

Sr. Director, Genzyme

“Sabine is a very talented and result driven professional with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Sabine has a natural talent to motivate others; people managed by Sabine will perform to their maximum and enjoy the work they do. 

When given a true Challenge, Sabine preforms outstanding. I have worked with Sabine in Germany where she professionalized the Clinical Staffing department for DOCS International. I was impressed by her people management skills and the way Sabine developed the department. 

I loved working with Sabine, she is a very valuable person to any lucky organisation that employs her.”

Chris de Jong

COO, The Clinical Company

“What’s not to like about Kieran!! She is a “best in class” Business Development representative. She represents her organization extremely well to both me and all of my internal business partners. Her focus is on results, client service and creative solutions. She is also quick to identify obstacles and solutions that will resolve these obstacles quickly.”

Rick O’Hara

Associate Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Endo

PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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