We serve as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and greater profitability.

At Seuss Consulting, we support you and provide guidance so your team can focus its talent on what it does best. Our consulting services help to expand your business, bring a positive impact to your business partnerships, and boost your commercial potential. We work with all sizes of companies, from startups to big Bio-Pharma, medical device companies, and CROs – always as an extension of their teams. We’re invested in your life-science success.

Sales Optimisation

The path to achieving your commercial targets is not easy. Our clients partner with Seuss Consulting to get a much-needed catalyst that puts their companies on track to meet their growth goals. We guide our clients to uncover new market opportunities and capitalize on current relationships. Smart leaders understand the significance of investing in the optimization of their commercial efforts.
The benefit of Seuss is that we bring a fresh, objective mindset, which gives you the ability to see things from your client’s perspective. Using these insights, we improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales materials and processes.

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Problems we solve

Want to increase sales through expansion into new segment of the industry?
Provide market research and gap analysis of marketing and sales opportunities. Create positioning strategies and enhance sales team effectiveness.
Proud of your services, but unsure sure how to market them on a larger scale?
Improve online presence and increase inbound sales requests through positioning, strategy, website and social media plan.
Need to increase client conversion ratio?
Increase the number of sales requests and signed contracts through step-by-step review of sales funnel.
Want to improve your sales pitch?
Solidify and focus the ‘pitch’ and improve bid defence effectiveness through training, focus groups, and bring to life your USPs.
Need to target new/existing clients for more business?
Through a ”unique strengths workshop” we align the team in order to increase effectiveness of client-facing staff and marketing materials.

Branding & Marketing

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. So how do you stand out? Let Seuss Consulting guide you to a more relatable brand that stands out from the competition. Unlike your average branding agency, we combine our marketing and brand expertise with unsurpassed life-science knowledge to get you real results, catered specifically to your unique business and relevant in your market.
Branding is not one-size-fits-all. Each brand requires a unique strategy, and that is where Seuss Consulting comes in. Whether it’s a rebrand, new company, or new product, we are armed with the expertise, skills, and passion to bring you to the forefront of the market. We help you to position your company, craft your brand DNA, design your visuals, build your website, and launch your brand to the outside world.
We provide all-inclusive brand creation and marketing process outsourcing.

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Problems we solve

Want to see how you can stand out from your competitors?
Provide competitor analysis and market research. Create positioning strategies as well as support the implementation of these changes within the company.
Website no longer reflects what you are actually offering?

Create an engaging website fit to the needs of your actual audience.

Zero leads come through your website or marketing efforts?

Focus your inbound sales and marketing funnel together with marketing and promotion tactics. 

Your actual company culture and services are much more interesting than your marketing portrays?

It’s time to re-align or re-design your brand strategy to fit your company today and in the future.

Branding is outdated and no longer delivering on its promise.

Discover what your brand foundation is, define your position to the outside world, and align your visual touchpoints to reflect your brand promise. 

Know you need a strong competitive brand but aren’t sure how to get there?

Developing your brand will give you the knowledge, power, and tools to stand out from the competition in your marketplace. 

Understand the power of purpose, but need help defining it?

Through intensive brand discovery, your brand purpose will be propelled to the forefront and become the driving force of your brand. 

Need to stand out in a saturated marketplace?

Seuss Consulting helps you to define and refine your unique selling points that when combined with your brand strategy, will ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

Vendor Selection & Management

With so much relying on positive outcomes, vendor selection is a daunting task for many companies. From RFP to governance, and every part in-between, we support you in transforming the complexity of the vendor selection process into lasting and fulfilling vendor relationships.

With experience on all sides of the process, we will act as your outsourcing team, giving you the full picture, and guide you through the consuming process of selecting the appropriate partners. Our sweet spot is helping small to mid-sized sponsors that want an invested partner in the vendor selection process.

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Problems we solve

Don’t have an outsourcing manager or team?
Lead and support your full vendor selection process integrated with your team; from defining selection criteria to contract signing.
Overwhelmed by the number of choices in suppliers?
Identify critical selection criteria and provide vendor research as well as searchable list of criteria matching suppliers.
Need more manpower on your team? Or have so many vendor selections to do?
Review current outsourcing process and methodology. Identify needs of involved departments and align requirements and drivers.
In the past, have you had problems with the suppliers you selected?
Review current outsourcing process and methodology. Identify needs of involved departments and align requirements and drivers.
Wondering whether your outsourcing process should be improved?
Provide gap analysis report on current outsourcing process and methodology.  Suggest and improve in actionable steps to identify the optimal supplier, every time.
Need to change your outsourcing model?
Through guided design thinking- find effective and creative outsourcing models.

Bridge to Europe

You recognise the need to expand into Europe, and the unknowns can be daunting. Seuss Consulting bridges the gap by helping companies gain a firm foothold in the European market.

At Seuss, we take a holistic approach, starting with a thorough examination of your goals and how your company is positioned to succeed in the European landscape.

Our work with you goes far beyond bringing the big picture into focus: We are your feet on the ground and eyes and ears in Europe. We can work to help you staff up, find the right management, and even setup your office. We work with you, within your company framework, to be sure that your unique company culture will be maintained in your new European branch and we will support you as long as you need.

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Problems we solve

Considering acquisition, organic growth or partnering in order expand to Europe?
Provide Europe Roadmap Strategy for expansion through market analysis and growth workshop.
Who is the competition?
Provide Competitor Analysis, market research and positioning strategy report.
Not fully prepared to take the plunge into Europe?
We provide an in-depth blueprint report based on internal company analysis workshop to improve the understanding and integration of the diverse Europe cultures and unspoken rules for managing your business in Europe.
How do we position ourselves in the market?
Analyse company strengths and USPs and map the European market through a Competitor and Client Analysis Report including geographic and profile information.
Has managing staff and vendors in different cultures has been a huge challenge in the past?
Provide an interim Team or Vendor Manager to seamlessly slot into your team and strengthen your foothold in the European market.
Ready to expand to Europe but not sure where to start?
Provide Europe Roadmap consultation for expansion through market analysis and a growth workshop.

PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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