The Story of Seuss

We have told the story of ‘Kieran and Sabine’ before, that we knew each other from previous life-sciences companies and became fast friends. We have always worked well together, because we both embraced the same passion: Improving the life-science industry. With that common vision, five years ago we gave into the entrepreneur bug and started Seuss Consulting.

As most entrepreneurs, the goal was to go-go-go and the company grew in exciting ways. For example, our recruitment services were so successful that we created a new brand, Seuss Recruitment where we could apply our values for quality, decency and fun as career matchmakers. But what about Seuss Consulting – the company that started it all?

Why the rebrand?

Seuss Consulting was born out of our passion for improving the industry, however we could. From volunteer positions that encourage women in the healthcare business, to business development solutions for CROs, helping biopharma clients select the right vendors and for international companies to expand their clinical operations capacity in the EU. When we started the company, we jumped in, and while we worked hard with values and vision, we hadn’t recorded that information to easily share with our clients. Still, we were successful and our list of satisfied customers was expanding. Furthermore, our team was getting bigger and developing stronger, more robust processes. Our unique services and company was growing, but we needed to get the message out.

We realized it was time to refocus on what SC had to offer. Our services are in-depth and serve a large portion of the Life Sciences industry. Our team’s expertise and passions really showcase how we can help biopharma sponsors, CROs and suppliers.

What we did

Working with a brand strategist and doing some soul searching and digging into what made our services successful for our clients, we assessed who we really were as a company and what our values and mission was. We’re very excited to launch our re-brand and to show you what we are really about! We are so proud of what our unique stance and we know our services will make your company stronger.

What the rebrand means for you- our client

We’d love for you to take a look around our beautiful new website. Learn more about how we can work for you. We help sponsors select amazing vendors that match their selection criteria, acting as their eyes and ears. We leverage this knowledge to help CROs optimize their commercial efforts- because we see what works in creating these lasting relationships. Our Bridge to Europe also allows us, a diverse team with roots in the EU and US, to help position your expansion into Europe, strategically.

We want you to get a clear picture of our amazing, diverse team and explore the unique expertise they bring to every project that we take on. Learn about who we are and how we work. Our goal is to always go the extra mile, completing our work with passion and laughter.

Want a have a friendly chat on the phone? Just call us. Join us for a cup of coffee at our new office? You are always welcome.
We want to learn more about your company and how we can meet your challenges together. We invest ourselves into the success of your life sciences business, and with our new brand, we are fully ready to show you.

Take Care,

Kieran & Sabine

Kieran and Sabine are the co-founders at Seuss Consulting, two veterans of the life-science industry.


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