Last week, Seuss Consulting co-founder and CEO Kieran Canisius spoke at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe Conference in Barcelona. We caught up with her to find out the details of the conference and how her speech went.

Kieran thoroughly enjoyed being at the conference. An exciting event with more than 1000 stakeholders from across the industry coming together with shared common interests of bringing life-saving drugs to market more quickly.


Kieran’s Speech

As a company committed to improving the life sciences industry, Seuss Consulting’s underlying mission is to help suppliers and sponsors work better together. With this in mind, Kieran and Sabine founded Seuss Consulting 6 years ago.

Therefore, Kieran was excited to get to revisit this topic in depth during her speech. Specifically, she spoke about how to improve partnerships through the use of RFP data.

The audience was deeply engaged, which was encouraging to Kieran, who said that:

“People were not just recognizing and acknowledging the problems in their CRO selection process, but there was also a verbal outpouring of commitment to change.”

After the speech, she and her co-presenter spoke to many people who had follow-up questions and were very excited about the topic. Thanks to the great cooperation and co-presentation of Lara Silverstein from Avillion, they cooperatively raised the bar in how sponsors select their CRO partners.  


The Conference Recap

Many companies who attended the conference come back year after year and already have existing relationships. Since they were gathered in one place at the same time, it was a great way to facilitate the conversations between these companies.

Besides giving her own speech, Kieran liked hearing some of the other talks that were given. Especially about new innovations that are disrupting the life-science market.

She found one on AI in clinical research to be particularly interesting.

“Listening to how others are using AI in clinical research to drive better decision making is really energizing because it shows how others are attempting to future-proof outsourcing. In essence, it’s the same goal that we have here at Seuss Consulting.” – Kieran Canisius

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