Are you struggling to find the right partner for your clinical research? Seuss Consulting can help save your business time and internal resources with our supplier scouting service.

Here at Seuss, our expert Business Consultants do the work so you don’t have to. From start to finish, we act as an extension of your team and support your business, so you can maintain focus on your work.

We follow a thorough 6-step scouting procedure to ensure that your company finds the perfect partner for clinical research. We created a short video to illustrate how we can help you unlocking the full potential of your CRO partnerships.

Supplier Selection Hurdles

Whether you are constrained on time and resources and cannot target everyone, or you are in need of evidence based decisions from a regulatory perspective. We understand that you don’t have the capacity to find the best-fit supplier. At Seuss Consulting, we can take over the job of finding you the best-fit supplier for your specific needs.


Our 6-Step Process of Supplier Scouting

With our supplier search, selection and management service, we provide you with guidance, support and coordination throughout the entire supplier scouting and evaluation process.

Our scouting service includes the following 6 steps:

  1. Needs Analysis– We conduct an in-depth client consultation where we identify specific needs and create the selection criteria to summarize the profile of the best-fit supplier we will be scouting for.
  2. Market Scan– We identify an extensive list of suppliers that fit the selection criteria. This involves mainly secondary research such as desk research, intro calls, and utilizing our network.
  3. Short Listing– We present the long list of potential suppliers to the client and together we short list the most relevant and suitable ones for the given project.
  4. Introduction Calls– We will set up introductory calls between the selected suppliers and you.
  5. Request for Quotation– We will request a quotation of the services that are being offered and present this information in a visual and comparable format.
  6. Contract Negotiations– Together with our clients, we perform the contract negotiations to get the required services for the right price.


Seuss Consulting is here to ease the burden and help your life-science business grow. Download our scouting service flyer for more information! If you want to discuss your individual business case with us, book a free consultation today.

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