Describe your typical leadership training. Presentations, process review, polar bears…

Wait, what?! You read that correctly. The Seuss team is spreading the word to encourage amazing business women and leaders to go the North Pole!

This may seem unusually crazy (even by Seuss’ standards), but it’s because we’re convinced these types of extreme personal challenges make us stronger in our professional lives.

Work vs. Play

We’re commonly taught to separate our personal lives from what we do at work, as if work and play can’t co-exist. (We hope they do in your job!) We believe that this is especially untrue when your “play” is something super challenging.

Luckily, beliefs are shifting toward a more holistic approach to professional development, with more and more people learning that the skills and experiences they pick up off the job can be just as valuable as what they learn in their day-to-day work.

Not that everyone wants to hear about everything you do—private details can make people uncomfortable in professional situations. We’re talking about the big stuff here. The intense, potentially personality-changing challenges you endure and conquer. When you go through something like that, the experience will likely play directly into how you perform on the job—if you harness it correctly. Whether it was a good or bad experience, you probably picked up extra determination and new coping skills that can be directly applied in the business world to grow your leadership abilities and career as much as you’ve grown yourself.

After all, if you work in the swiftly shifting life-sciences industry, you’ve got plenty of career challenges ahead. With a little insight into your other successes, you can conquer these just as you did those, pulling grit and perseverance from within with a clear head, without burning out.

The question is: do you have an epic quest in your life? Is there a character-building personal challenge before you that you know you can conquer? If not and the idea speaks to you, it might be time to create one.

You could, for example, run a half-marathon or take your first solo trip to a new continent. Or you could join Felicity Aston in doing something truly epic…

Felicity Aston’s 2017 Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition for Women

British-born, Reykjavik-dwelling polar explorer Felicity Aston is an author, speaker, and former Antarctic scientist who became the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica in 2012. She now organizes regular expeditions to the poles for women who want to push their limits. The next one takes place in April 2017 and is specifically geared toward women from Europe and the Arab World. So the challenge of this expedition is not just the North Pole itself, but also the building of bridges between two cultures that currently desperately need more connections. Not that the North Pole journey plenty challenge on its own…

Along the way, you can expect temperatures to reach -40°C, you might encounter polar bears and shifting pack ice and you will find yourself immersed in plenty of cross-cultural discussions. Sound like challenge enough?

Felicity’s goal is to form an international ski team of women from across Europe and Middle East to ski the last legs of the journey to the North Pole. She wants to inspire these participants to surpass others’ expectations of them (and their own of themselves) to achieve something really big. She’s especially keen to journey with women in their 40s and 50s, who tend to be under-represented in polar expeditions, as well as women of any age who play leading roles in their (online or offline) communities or on the job—or women who simply want to use this experience to foster positive change in the world around them.

You will face the journey’s challenges in a structured way in this experience, and you will develop a clear plan of how you will put these new experiences to good use when you return home and to your office. If you’re looking for a fresh jolt of meaning in your life and are ready to push your limits, this unforgettable journey just might be the ticket.

Or Not…

Even if extreme adventure’s not your thing, just remember that you can use your personal experiences, in whatever form you forge them, to lend you strength and insight in your working world as well.

If you’re not joining for this trip, perhaps you can plan your own personal expedition—do something that you’ve never done before. Something a little scary. The less familiar it is, the more room there is to learn! You’ll probably encounter challenges you didn’t expect and learn more than you thought possible.

Whatever it is, once it’s over, sit back and think about what you’ve learned. You might be surprised by how your personal transformation equally changes who you are on the job—for the better.

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