This month, as we draw closer to our 5-year anniversary in November 2017, this landmark achievement for Seuss Consulting prompted me to reflect back over the years on the highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey.

I was inspired to share with you my own story, from a time in my career when I was actually fired not once, but TWICE within a 12-month period.

My entrepreneurship journey

Around 6 years ago, I was let go from a global corporate company, and after a 3-month job search, I was fired again 6 months into the job. Although I knew that both times, those jobs were not the right fit or environment for me, I was left depleted with a crisis of confidence, unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Looking back, there are three realizations that inspire me through the lows and guide me through the high’s, and I wanted to share them with you.

Identify your fears.

After firing #1 I wanted to be an entrepreneur, with the wheel of the ship in my own hands, but truth be told, I did not dare. I told myself no because I had no sustainable business ideas… like ZERO.

It still makes me laugh to this day as I think back, as nowadays I can’t seem to stop the new business ideas from flowing!

I realize now that my fear was a lack of security for my family (my youngest was 8 months old), and I thought that a permanent employment contract would give me the security I needed. When fired, I realized that my contract did nothing to protect me from being out on the street and with the realization came the thought, ‘well I might as well try to achieve my dream and set up a company’.

If it isn’t ok, it isn’t over.

I love this though, as it sticks with me when times feel rough, as it makes me think of life as a journey. That there is often an opportunity to make things better for yourself even when life has you blindsided.

There’s accountability for me in that sentence, which I love, even if I know I often make mistakes, choose the wrong course of action. I know that not everything is in my control, I have my own baggage of things that I did not choose to have happen, but I am in control to choose how to deal with the situation as it comes. I love the optimism in that phrase.

It’s a good thing you got fired.

So, what would I say to my former self? “It’s a good thing you got fired”. Without that, I would never have dared to build the three companies with Sabine, would never have gotten to know the amazing employees that have followed their dreams both with and without us. So, Thank you for firing me. I didn’t realize it was a gift at the time, but I am forever grateful for the experience.

This process happens more than you think, in many cases its all just part of the entrepreneurship journey and it happens to many entrepreneurs who dare to ride the rollercoaster, Steve Jobs’ journey with Apple is something to behold, you can read his highs and lows here

Kieran Canisius  – Seuss Consulting Founder

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