Seuss Consulting offers a comprehensive CRO Selection Service that helps your company build strong life-science partnerships from start to finish.

Finding the right CRO that fits your company’s needs externally as well as matching your internal values can be difficult. Also, it can consume extensive amounts of your valuable time.

To save you time and effort, we can help you during each step of the process. As such, we act as your guide in selecting the right CRO to best fit your company.

Watch our video and learn more about Seuss Consulting’s CRO Selection Service.



Data-Driven Approach


We are experts at helping you make a data-driven decision about which CRO is right for your life-science company. Using RFP data is an essential part of our process.

We take a ‘data first, relationships second’ approach to partnering. Although emotions should factor into decisions in partnering, they can also cloud judgement.

Rather than forging partnerships based on which team you like best, we encourage you to see the data first. We create, compile and analyse RFP data from a list of CROs, which is then easily comparable.


Comprehensive Process


After generating comparable RFP data, we short-list suitable CROs that fit your company’s needs. From that list, you can decide which team is best aligned with your team, knowing with confidence that they have the capacity to deliver.

In addition to helping you find a list of qualified CROs, we then go even further. We will help facilitate bid defences and aid in your final decision-making process.

To give you more insight into our specialized process, we have broken it down into 6 steps:

  1. Alignment
  2. Market Research
  3. RFP Creation
  4. RFP Analysis
  5. Bid Defense
  6. Decision Time

We are here to help add value to your CRO selection process and to ensure your success. To learn more about this service, contact us or directly book a free consultation call.

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