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Seuss Consulting’s mission is to guide life-science companies to make smarter business decisions that lead directly to measurable and improved results.

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Seuss Consulting sparks the global business growth of exceptional life-science companies, empowering them to focus their talents and energy to impact the world through the accelerated development of life-changing medicines.

Sabine Hutchison

Successful growth and new ventures today require an entrepreneurial spirit and that’s one of the qualities Sabine brings to the table. As co-founder of no fewer than three successful startups, Sabine understands how to balance entrepreneurial enthusiasm with a solid A-to-Z business strategy that can be put into practice. Where others see obstacles, Sabine sees opportunities.

Sabine’s leadership has been central to the success of Seuss Consulting. With co-founder Kieran Canisius, Sabine has steadily grown Seuss Consulting since its founding in 2012.

Sabine understands that it’s best to navigate challenges with trusted advisers and she sees trust as an integral part of the relationships she establishes. Companies continue to rely on her vision, structure and industry knowledge to guide them to the next level. With her natural American “can-do” attitude and understanding of US and EU business culture, Sabine makes European expansion as easy as opening a new shop across town.

Sabine is a trained chemist with extensive industry experience but she knows that people make business happen. Through a combination of her Life-Science expertise and her insight into business relationships, Sabine endeavors to reinvigorate the industry with a human touch and a holistic understanding of the people in it.

As busy as her work with Seuss Consulting keeps her, Sabine makes time to volunteer on the board as Vice President of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Europe Chapter. She has also been deeply involved with the annual EU Leadership Summit.




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Kieran Canisius

Kieran is intuitive, her trusted and steady decision-making skills are what Seuss, and her clients explicitly rely on. It’s no surprise that her energy and entrepreneurial mindset, has led to the successful founding of three innovative startups.

She draws from her work experiences, including leadership and business development roles for leading CROs, to provide clients with guidance and expertise in strategy even in high-pressure situations.

Kieran’s leadership has been central to the success of Seuss Consulting. With co-founder Sabine Hutchison, Kieran has steadily grown Seuss Consulting since its founding in 2012, while navigating the often challenging and ever-changing European Life-Sciences landscape.

Kieran is intrinsically interested in others, and brings this into her working relationships, allowing her to genuinely support your organization. Through years of experience and training, Kieran delivers integrated processes with powerful results. From day one Kieran will work as an advocate and confidante to get your project completed, channeling as much energy and dynamism into your company as she does her own.

Kieran’s communication skills are on display in workshops, presentations, and speaking events. Clients of Seuss quickly discover that her ability to clearly communicate and relate to their team is a rare asset. Firms on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean have come to rely on Kieran’s guidance when facing difficult and important choices as well as developing and implementing comprehensive strategies.




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Jessica Kundapur

When working with Jessica you can expect clinical industry knowledge, positivity, never-ending smiles, and projects to sail more smoothly with her at the helm.

Jessica has international experience coordinating multi-national clinical drug trials, for both clinical research organisations and an academic sponsor. Jessica also brings the expertise and entrepreneurial innovation of the San Francisco Bay Area biotech and pharmaceutical “hot spot” to Seuss Consulting. She understands the research and business challenges of being in a startup CRO environment. Responsive communication is her M.O. and this leaves clients feeling both calm and supported.

In addition to her industry knowledge, Jessica’s Canadian roots and ready laugh make her a natural fit for the professional staff at Seuss Consulting. Working with Jessica is easy, and her go-getter attitude is an asset only matched by her ability to successfully implement solutions utilizing her coordination and communication excellence.



Business Consultant

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Eleni Menegatou

Balancing creativity with an analytical mindset, Eleni deciphers tough business challenges in a soulful and structured way.

With her passion for design and hands-on ability to harness qualitative and quantitative research, she excels as our clients’ first line of defence and guidance by providing them with insights and actionable strategies at the intersection of clinical research sponsors and CROs.

She joined Seuss Consulting with hard-won experience in executing and reporting of projects in global healthcare market research and market access for pharmaceutical and medical device clients. As a trained economist, she enjoys questioning conventional wisdom and seeking deeper meanings. Eleni has the rare ability to connect seemingly unrelated phenomena, which lets her go beyond merely reporting the numbers.

Embracing the concept of “kaizen”, Eleni continually serves as the architect of fresh ideas, better marketing tools, results-driven workshops, and new methodologies to improve existing processes. Her eyes light up when a product that she has worked on comes out of the “lab”, an interactive workshop empowers cross-functional teams to achieve goals, and companies she has supported successfully manage change and accelerate growth.



Business Consultant

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Lisa Becker

Lisa’s inexhaustible energy, openness, and dedication to clinical excellency make her the powerhouse partner you need to propel your project to success.With 20 years of experience, Lisa’s skills

With 20 years of experience, Lisa’s skills at gap analysis, high-level strategy with in-the-field experience, and negotiation skills make her a game changer. Lisa thinks seven steps ahead, and it becomes easier to spot potential issues and navigate them before they become critical. In addition, she does all of this with a heaping dose of fun.

Lisa began her career in direct patient care in the area of obstetrics and gynecology, with community-based research. After immigrating to the Netherlands in 1989 from the US, Lisa joined a young oncology biotech company and launched her industry career. Over the past 20 years, her problem-solving skills have continued to grow as she moved into positions of increased responsibility with multiple (bio-) pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organizations, and academic medical facilities.

Lisa successfully set up and expanded European & Global operations for two US-based biotechnology companies. She has acted as the ultimate facilitator between CROs and sponsors due to her strategic thinking and understanding of the key, and often, small details that are essential to success.



Executive Consultant


Gabrielle Kniep

Gabrielle is the go-to marketing resource at Seuss, with entrepreneurial to corporate expertise and a giant dose of enthusiasm and determination to solve marketing conundrums.

As a transplant from the United States, she excels in adapting to new circumstances and providing real results for all those around her. Seuss and its clients benefit from her skills in brand development, creation of marketing strategies, and business development materials assessment. But wherever her work takes her, Gabrielle’s goal is always to provide real marketing results.

Whether you want to launch a campaign for a new service or develop a robust social media strategy, she can provide your company with marketing insight. Gabrielle’s experience ranges from working with small entrepreneurial businesses to large corporations, including non-profits and marketing agencies.

Gabrielle is the newest addition to the Seuss team and is ready to provide solid marketing know-how to clients in the life-science world. Gabrielle aims to learn from, and bring something unique to, every project she works on and make a friend out of every client.



Marketing Specialist

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PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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