It’s a good thing you got fired…twice

This month, as we draw closer to our 5-year anniversary in November 2017, this landmark achievement for Seuss Consulting prompted me to reflect back over the years on the highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey. I was inspired to share with you my own story,...

Our Re-Brand Story

Co-Founders Kieran and Sabine talk about how rebranding Seuss Consulting has allowed them to better make our clients successful.

Note to Self: Enjoy the Ride (Op-ed)

I am consciously enjoying the high’s and low’s, the painful as well as the effortless. With all of the goal setting, high ambition, results oriented drivers that are a part of me, I often forget that the entrepreneurial experience is the part that I love. But allowing myself to experience and enjoy the bumps, the scrapes and the pivots as much as I enjoy the successes, the high’s and the pride makes my life just that much more fun.

PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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