What YOU Need to Know Before Expanding to the EU

As much as we at Seuss Consulting want many pharma, biotech and CRO companies to set up office and operations in the EU, we first and foremost want these companies to succeed. Before investing in such a big leap, you first need to ask yourself, or Seuss Consulting to ask you a few tough questions.

What’s in It for We? How to Create More Effective Partnerships through Alignment

It’s our job to help sponsors and CROs come together and create synergy…and a successful trial, of course! Central to this is implementing stronger communication practices. You’ve heard this before ad nauseum, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty on effective communication strategies and techniques. We asked Dr. Yuri Martina for his advice on the best ways to create alignment between sponsors and CROs.

How CROs Can Make More Impact with Social Media

In short: the way we communicate and connect is changing. Social media might be the missing key you need to unlock that extra attention that will land you the right clients to help your CRO or life-sciences supplier business grow.

7 Steps to Finding the CRO with the Right Cultural Fit

What sponsors often forget to think about (or don’t consider important) when selecting a CRO is their cultural fit. Sooner or later conflict will arise – it’s inevitable in any relationship. If a partner’s philosophy and way of working do not align with our own, no matter how impressive their experience and capabilities, that conflict will be more difficult to resolve. Professional relationship fixers like Seuss Consulting can help you save the sinking ship, but it’s always better to find the most well-suited partner in the first place.

Risky Business: Side-Stepping Risk to Build Better Sponsor-CRO Relationships

We’re not exactly going to shock you by pointing out that every clinical trial comes with risk. Risks in meeting timelines, lack of clarity, subcontracting issues, reputations and, especially, relationships between sponsors and CROs. This is something we know a bit about – we’ve talked to you before about avoiding turmoil in sponsor-CRO relationships, how to get on each other’s side and even the benefits of taking risks. But as consultants we know that sometimes the best thing you can do is turn to an expert for answers!

Effortlessly Building Diversity (How We Did It)

We truly see the benefits of hiring diverse employees…but also the challenges. It’s more challenging to manage a diverse team than one with “all the same people.” We are not afraid of the potential problems that cultural diversity can bring; we meet them head on because we know it’s beneficial for everyone – our clients, our candidates, our staff – to maintain our uniqueness.

How Your Company Culture is Affecting Your Bottom Line

Think of your company culture as your business’s foundation. This means not only having a clear company vision defined as a base, but having an atmosphere and team that create buy-in, where everyone is on board and eager to make your office a better place to work – and work with. This is what makes people want to partner with you.

How to Maximize Your Relationships with Your International Clients

If you already have clients based or working abroad, that is great for your business. But it’s also critical that you are providing them with superior, responsive and effective customer service with clear communication and timely solutions as this is the key to maintaining your business and growing it further.

Conflicts in Clinical Trials Can Lead to Better Outcomes

The most dangerous thing to do when conflict arises is to ignore it. Unfortunately, this is the instinct of many people. However, this only delays confrontation, and usually makes it worse. Going unaddressed, the problems will keep simmering until they boil over. Confronting the conflict head-on can actually lead to stronger teams and, therefore, better clinical-trial outcomes.

Feet on the Street: The Insider Info You Need to Succeed in Europe’s Biosciences World

European expansion can put your CRO, pharma, biotech or other life-sciences business in the big leagues – but for many new initiates to the Continent, it’s quite literally another (mysterious) world. No list can summarize everything you need to know to make the quick decisions that will let you land clients and pull of their projects. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make or break a potentially business-changing situation!

PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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