It’s a good thing you got fired…twice

This month, as we draw closer to our 5-year anniversary in November 2017, this landmark achievement for Seuss Consulting prompted me to reflect back over the years on the highs and lows of the entrepreneurship journey. I was inspired to share with you my own story,...

Our Re-Brand Story

Co-Founders Kieran and Sabine talk about how rebranding Seuss Consulting has allowed them to better make our clients successful.

Note to Self: Enjoy the Ride (Op-ed)

I am consciously enjoying the high’s and low’s, the painful as well as the effortless. With all of the goal setting, high ambition, results oriented drivers that are a part of me, I often forget that the entrepreneurial experience is the part that I love. But allowing myself to experience and enjoy the bumps, the scrapes and the pivots as much as I enjoy the successes, the high’s and the pride makes my life just that much more fun.

How You Can Save Your Sponsor-CRO Partnership by Seeing It as a Marriage

We see a lot of similarities between sponsor-CRO relationships and romantic relationships. What we also notice is that the same things that damage a marriage partnership, are the same things that damage a sponsor-CRO partnership. So we offer some solutions to help improve all relationships…

Chemistry Matters: CRO Business Development Team Chemistry

People buy more from people they like. It’s as simple as that. In our office, when we are selecting our own vendors for various projects, I know we’ve made the right choice when I can say, “I feel good about giving my business to them.” The stakes are incredibly high for a sponsor when they select a vendor – they need to really feel (not just know) that they made the right decision. How can CROs create help create likeable business development teams?

How Giving Back Will Boost Your Brand

We try to incorporate helping people into everything we do, from helping life sciences businesses enter new markets and develop new client relationships to setting up clinical research partnerships between sponsors and CROs. But we also try to go a step further to help affect even greater change in our life-sciences industry and the bigger world around us.

What You Need to Know Before You Start a Business with Your Best Friend

Starting a business with your best friend can also be the most satisfying and enriching experience in the world – and be incredibly beneficial for clients. After all, who could understand partnership – whether that’s with clients or helping pharma and biotech clients form partnerships – better? But that doesn’t mean working with your best friend (and especially starting a business together) doesn’t come with its pitfalls. Sabine and Kieran agreed to dish the dirt on the ins and outs of running a business with your best friend.

What Does Brexit Mean for EU Expansion Plans for Life Science Companies?

Moving to the EU has never been a simple process, but with Brexit looming over the UK (and the EU), life sciences companies business may need to consider other options. With 27 other EU member states to consider, it is natural and reasonable for life sciences companies to be slightly overwhelmed by the complexity of questions and factors to consider concerning EU expansion. We know where you are coming from and we can take you to where you need to go.

PS - If we might be so bold, you’re going to learn a lot and have some fun along the way

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