At Seuss Consulting, we’re all about going the extra mile to help life-science companies grow, succeed, and make an impact on the industry.

Making an Impact

Today, we are introducing a unique Collective – a new and innovative business collaboration with Seuss Recruitment, Zocket, GCP Central, and iGina Marketing.

Our five companies have a combined strength in both niche industry and expertise in building successful businesses. Coupled with our shared values and value-added business services, we are excited to help our clients to thrive.

Leading the Way Through Collaboration

Driven by a need to make positive changes in the industry, this collaboration will bring a unique set of in-house skills to our clients. We will be able to give an innovative combination of skills in recruitment, consulting, training, technology, and branding and marketing to you, providing creative business solutions in a truly pioneering fashion.

“I feel fortunate to have found a passionate and united goal with successful entrepreneurs who share the same vision of accelerating and empowering ambitious life science organisations. With this Collective, we are even more capable of building the business infrastructure needed by life science businesses to accelerate their growth with a sustainable approach.”

– Kieran Canisius, Founder, Seuss Consulting

Growing Together

For you, this means we can offer some unique and practical services for your life-science business. We want you to bring your challenges to us so we can provide state-of-the art, multidisciplinary, and sustainable solutions that will accelerate your growth.

Our collaboration will give companies the opportunity to not only have recruitment and staffing needs met but also have access to modern GCP training methods and experts. In addition, growing life-science companies will benefit from a strong clinical team, offering CRO/supplier selection & oversight, sales & leadership training and European expansion services.

Through iGina Marketing, an in-house branding agency will be added to our commercial optimisation services to round out the full business, marketing, and sales lifecycle.


Joining Forces

Our five companies will be located in Amsterdam under the same roof and we’ll have access to an incredible wealth of resources internally. As a boutique consultancy company, we tackle problems with a fit-for-purpose approach and we’ll continue to meet and exceed expectations.

You’ll find more information our partners Seuss Recruiting, Zocket, iGina Marketing, and GCP Central on their websites. But if you’d like to know how this innovative collective can help you drive change to your business, get in touch here.


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