Seuss Consulting offers a comprehensive Branding & Marketing Service to help your life-science company reach new heights.

Does your life-science company have a clear strategy for developing and marketing your brand? You might be missing out on valuable business and growth opportunities if your company goes unnoticed. Seuss Consulting can help you develop your strategy with our unique, in-house Brand and Marketing service.


Combining Life-Science with Marketing


Our insider knowledge of the life-science industry, combined with our marketing expertise led by Gina Dunn can help transform your brand. Together, we create a plan to uncover your brand’s unique personality and bring it to life.

This video explains our innovative approach to create a branding & marketing solution that unleashes the full potential of your life science company.



Our Four-Step Process

Branding is not one-size-fits-all. Each brand requires a remarkable strategy.

With our process, we help you to position your company, craft your brand DNA, design your visuals, build your website, and launch your brand to the outside world.

Everything is with the goal in mind to guide you to a more engaging brand that stands out from your competition.


1. Brand Discovery

We identify your company’s motivators, core drivers, and unique selling points, along with identifying who your target audience is and why they should care that your business exists.

2. Brand Design

This is where the magic takes place! We take what we have learned in the brand discovery phase to develop a strategy for communicating your brand both visually and verbally.

3. Brand Development

We identify all of your brand’s touch-points by analyzing every step in which your target audience will come into contact with your brand. We want to make sure that all written text and visuals represent your brand’s identity properly and will connect with your target audience in an intentional way.

4. Brand Launch

This is about making your brand sing to the outside world. We handle your launch communications and deploy your brand so that it makes the splash it deserves.

Is your life-science company looking for branding and marketing expertise? Contact Seuss Consulting today to find out how we can help bring your brand to life.

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