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Seuss Consulting is the trusted advisor for life-science companies seeking guidance and support with vendor selection, commercial optimization, and expansion into the European market. Led by Kieran Canisius and Sabine Hutchison, everyone at Seuss Consulting brings their unique life-science experience and passion to each project.

What we
can do for you

We invite you to take a moment and see how we can best serve your business goals:

Commercial Optimization.

We work alongside your team to boost your business, not only analyzing your marketing and sales goals, but providing practical solutions to achieve them. As your trusted advisor, we draw on our diverse industry background to create ambitious, detailed, and actionable growth plans that are unique to your requirements and culture.

Vendor Selection & Management.

Seuss Consulting helps life-science companies make informed vendor selection decisions, which lead to high-impact partnerships. By ensuring the continual visibility of the critical selection criteria and full team alignment, our team supports you through the selection process each step of the way.

Bridge to Europe.

We investigate which approach will be the best fit for your expansion to Europe and design a custom roadmap that guides and eases your entry into the market. Our team of tax, notary, HR, and strategic advisors with decades of EU business formation and industry knowledge, will help you construct a solid foundation.


Most importantly, we don’t fit you into our plan. We create solutions for your company that are carefully crafted to achieve your business goals. We want you to be comfortable working with us from day one and be proud of the success we achieve together as our work nears completion.


We exceed expectations

At Seuss Consulting, we don’t stop until we’re proud. It’s just how we do business. We deliver as promised and then add even more value to our service. Moving mountains is nothing new at Seuss Consulting. Every trusted advisor on our team is determined and hard-working. You’ll see.

We build relationships

When creative, talented, and experienced people work together, great things happen. Everyone on the Seuss Consulting team gets energized by working shoulder-to-shoulder with your team toward common goals.

We revel in our work

At Seuss Consulting, we love what we do, and that allows us to bring fun into our work equation. On top of that, we bring our special brand of fun and friendship to every project we work on.


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