5 year anniversary of Seuss Recruitment & Consulting – From Founder Sabine Hutchinson

As November draws to a close we get ready to celebrate our 5-year Seuss Consulting anniversary, such a strange yet wonderful thought, what seems like only yesterday is now 5 whole years ago!

Reaching the 5-year mark calls for a party to celebrate and we’ve been in full party planning mode here at the Seuss office, but along with planning Kieran and I have spent some time over the last few weeks reminiscing about the journey, and what a journey it has been. The last 5 years have been filled with moments of fun, laughter, the occasional tears and temporary insanity, but hey, its all part of setting up, starting and running a business.

I have been looking around the office this week at the faces of the wonderful team members, these truly talented people have been integral to the success of Seuss Consulting and it fills me with such pride.

Lessons along the way

I have learnt so many lessons over the last 5 years and sometimes as it often can be in business, the hard way. It takes me back to a time in the beginning days when all in one day I wore the hat of the HR Manager, CFO, IT support and the cleaner, that’s just what needed to be done to get things up and running.

I’m sure there are many small business owners out there, who can relate to that one, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, it helped me learn, build and grow the organization, not to mention I got to work alongside so many clients who I can now truly call my friends.

I have been so lucky to watch members of the team grow and develop, some have taken the next step in their career with another company but I hope they will always look back at their time with us and smile, having learned and contributed to our success.

Earlier this year we moved offices and oh the things you find when you move. We stumbled across our very 1st flyer when we decided we wanted to “Consult” the flyer was more like a Santa’s Christmas list not a concise list of services a company provides. Thanks to a wonderful man who was brave enough to tell us the truth, he took a red pen to our flyer and marked through the long list until he finally said “OK here it is, these are the services Seuss will excel in” We took his advice on board, and wow we watched our services soar…thanks, Alan!

Advice to a younger Seuss

Someone recently asked me an interesting question, “what would you tell yourself if you were about to start the Seuss journey again?” It certainly stopped me in my tracks, so here you have it, these are my notes to self:

  • Do not, I repeat do not make panic hires.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Leave the ego at the door.
  • Practice your pitch 1000 times.
  • Listen to those around you…remember 2 ears and 1 mouth.
  • Remember to always have Business Development at the forefront of what you do.
  • Celebrate the small stuff along with the big.
  • Start the business with your best friend. Thanks Kieran

So I’d like to take this opportunity, so say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, what a journey so far, bring on the next 5 and the next business milestone anniversary.

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