We’re excited to announce the launch of our first ever LIVE webinar in a new and engaging Biotech series, Seuss Talks on July 17th.

Over the coming months, we’ll tackle, challenge, and debate the most talked about and Trending topics about CRO selection like:

  • CRO Oversight
  • Vendor Management
  • Team expansion
  • European expansion
  • positioning and branding

All from within the life-science and biotech industries.

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Seuss Talks promises not be just another biotech webinar.

We’ll pack our episodes with relevant and influential conversations, we’ll bring you guest speakers and share industry how-tos, Biotech tutorials, and roundtable discussions.

Join us on Tuesday 17th July, 15:30 – 16:30 CEST for the first episode of Seuss Talks series. The first webinar will be hosted by our very own Seuss Consulting Co-Founder Kieran Canisius.


Kieran presents, The Seuss Consulting Top 5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech

Are you faced with the challenge of selecting the right CRO for your organization?  How, and where do you start?

Later this month we’ll share our experience and knowledge and discuss our 5 best practices to help you through the CRO selection process, specifically geared to small-medium sized biotech companies. Why the focus? Because we have experienced that the CRO selection and management process is different for this particular group and we’d like to share what we have learned.


1-hour to CRO selection success

From the cultural fit to creating measurable needs, Kieran will give the hard-hitting facts that will enable your biotech organization to calmly navigate the CRO selection challenge. It is not an easy process, but there are key steps to be taken that will positively influence your relationship throughout the clinical trial.  

This interactive episode will give listeners the chance to talk directly and participate in a live Q&A session with Kieran, too.

If you’re currently embarking on new CRO selection, why not send your questions for CRO selection success in advance to Kieran and hear your questions answered Live on Tuesday 17th July?

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Grab Your Spot! Seats Are Limited!


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We hope to see you on Tuesday 17th July. It couldn’t be easier to join, just click here to register for your place today.

If you are unable to join us live, you are still welcome to register and we’ll send you the recorded version to watch back in your own time.

When: Tuesday 17th July
What: Episode 1 – Top 5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech
Time: 15:30 – 16:30 CEST

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